Food Prep

Kuhn Rikon Swiss Metallic Peeler

To make things easier. The SWISS METALLIC PEELER is the sharpest peeler made by Kuhn Rikon, and not only with regard to its design. The super sharp carbon steel blade peels fruit and vegetables wafer-thin. 100% made in Switzerland.

  • 18/10 stainless steel
  • With potato eye remover
  • Super-Sharp refined carbon steel blade
  • Ergonomic design works in right or left hand.
  • Warning: not for children – the blade is sharp. Improper use could lead to injuries.

Kuhn Rikon Dual Peeler

Two Peelers in one! Serrated stainless steel blade peels smooth and fuzzy fruits like peaches and kiwis. Straight blade peels vegetables and much more.


  • Two peelers in one
  • stainless serrated stainless steel blade on one side
  • stainless straight edge blade on the other side
  • peels fuzzy skin fruits & vegetables

Kitchen Basics Hand Spiral Slicer

With the spiral slicer you can make endless Julienne strips of carrot, radish, cucumber and all kinds of other firm vegetables. Just like you see in your favourite restaurant on top of salads, soups and main dishes. The 2 x 3 mm or 3.5 x 5 mm spirals are perfect to create vegetable stir-fries or pasta dishes, and to decorate serving dishes. The combination of high-quality plastic and stainless steel means it can be cleaned simply in the dishwasher.

Westmark “Kirschomat” Cherry Stoner

This deluxe German made Cherry Pitter by Westmark stones cherries fast and efficiently. The optimum splash protection greater stability and the ability to stone 15 kg of cherries per hour with large capacity chute and stone collector make this a choice cherry pitter. The Cherry Pitter is great for serving at any occasion. Made of durable coated aluminum. Made in Germany.

Champion Grain Mill Attachment

Using this handy Grain Mill attachment with the Champion 2000+ Juicer, you can quickly and easily prepare ingredients that are as nutritious as they are delicious. It’s a quality you can taste in your family’s favourite recipes. The Grain Mill should be used only with DRY GRAINS such as wheat, rye, oats, barley, and rice. The Grain Mill Attachment has a 1 Year Limited Warranty. Hopper and Flour bag included.

Estrella Manual Cast Iron Grain Grinder

This high quality cast iron grain mill is traditionally used to grind nixtamal corn into masa for making tortillas and tamales but will also grind wet and dry ingredients like cereal grains, corn, coffee, nuts, spices and beans for authentic Mexican cooking. Can also be used on various types of sausages to turn them into ground meat for chili or tacos. Adjustable grinding plates from course to fine. This durable cast iron grinder extremely sturdy and is built to last! Measures 14” Tall & 5” Hopper.

Zyliss Smart Guard Slicer

Introducing the new Zyliss Smart Guard Slicer with a patented retractable blade guard mechanism to prevent unnecessary contact with the slicing blade when not in use. Professional results are assured by simply adjusting the thickness selector to your desired slicing size. The sleek design and collapsible stand allow for compact storage, while the non-slip rubber feet and food holder add an extra measure of safety when slicing.

Börner V-Power Mandoline V-7000

With over 50 years of experience and knowledge, the maker of the Original V-Slicer® has re-confirmed their position as the leader in the mandoline category. German made Börner V-slicers are world renowned for their durability, precision, quality and safety. Incredibly sharp surgical grade stainless steel blades; 3 inserts-10 different cuts; Blades slice 4 different thicknesses, julienne, shred, cube and create fantastic French fries. It features a patented push button that allows size and thickness adjustment without removing the insert. Börner’s patented safety setting provides worry free storage that is both convenient and compact. With four fresh colours available, the strength is in the design, the power to create healthy meals is yours!