Victorinox Fibrox® Pro 46035 12-piece Executive Culinary Set

Perfect for nearly any situation, the set includes tools which range from a melon baller to a boning knife and can hold knives with an overall length of 19″. With this executive knife set, you will have all the knives and tools in one place that you need to complete any task in your kitchen. Whether you are a catering chef or a culinary student, having this knife set in your arsenal will be exceptionally convenient. Made in Switzerland.

Wenger Swibo® Cleaver -7″/18cm

For chopping and cutting. Great for carcass and sectional cutting work for chops and chickens. The rounded ridge on the back of the blade greatly reduces all risks of injury. Can be sterilized up to 120C/250F.

Half a century ago, Wenger created the Swibo® brand, a new type of professional knife for butchers. Since that time, the range has been consistently perfected and enlarged, becoming an international benchmark in this demanding sector. The famous bright yellow, synthetic handle with its ergonomic shape, injectionmoulded and sealed directly onto the polished, highgrade stainless steel blade, set a new standard in knife safety and hygiene. Comfortable, non-slip, with no micropores or microcracks, dishwasher safe and sterilisable: this pioneer has been copied and re-copied but still remains the benchmark. Its dedicated functions and design, engineered to deliver superior cutting strength and durability, continue to make it the knife of choice among specialists. Made in Switzerland.

Tramontina Century 3 Piece Cutlery Set

Tramontina Century 3 Piece Cutlery Set includes an 8″ Chef’s Knife, a 6″ Slicing Knife and a 4″ Paring knife. Using only the finest German chromium molybdenum stainless steel Tramontina’s full tang, forged construction, assures a long lasting sharp edge and a perfect cut. Full-tang construction gives you a better-balanced, stronger knife that is also less tiring to the hand. The two-piece polycarbonate handle is bonded to the full tang with three stainless rivets and no-seam construction to guard against food penetration. 25 year warranty. Made in Brazil. Makes a wonderful gift.

Tramontina Century Carving Fork

Fully forged from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel, this 6-inch fork has slender prongs that spread outward and sharp points for firmly grasping a roast, chicken, or turkey so it can be carved, for picking up and serving slices, and for turning over meat in the kitchen or on an outdoor grill. For balance and strength, a full tang runs through the handle, which is formed of hygienic, fiberglass-reinforced poly that won’t crack, split, or chip and is attached to the tang with the traditional three rivets. Because the fork is stainless steel it won’t rust, stain, or discolour.

4-Piece Knife Organizer Set

Safely organize your knives in any drawer. Optimizes space by stacking knives neatly and vertically. Keeps fingers safe by orienting sharp edges down. Protects blade edges from damage. Works will all knife sizes and styles. Simple to use–no tools or special skills required. Made of durable plastic.

Natural Hardwood Knife Block

One of the easiest ways to maintain sharp edges on your fine cutlery is to store the knives in a wood block. This natural hardwood knife block has 16 slots icluding sharpening steel and 4 steak knives. Solid and sturdy, this block will keep your knives from chipping or dulling and adds an attractive accent to your kitchen. Measures 8.5″ x 4.5″ x 12″.

Shun Classic Chef’s Knife (6 inch)

The Shun Classic 6-inch Chef’s knife is an all-purpose blade ideal for a wide variety of cutting tasks. The six-inch length is perfect for slicing, dicing, and chopping small to medium-sized fruits, vegetables, and other foods. The wide blade keeps knuckles off the cutting board and is extra handy when transferring cut food from board to pan. With its curved belly, the Chef’s knife can be gently “rocked” through fresh herbs or spices to produce a very fine mince.

Tramontina Professional Master Line Chef’s Knife

The Tramontina Professional Master Range is for the most difficult cuts and demanding professionals. The Professional Master Range blades are made of KRUPP (1.4110) or SANDVIK (12C27) special stain free high carbon stainless steel and are submitted to the efficient sub-zero thermal processing treatment. This guarantees average 56HRC hardness levels, thus keeping the edge sharper for longer.